My Top 5 Foundation Choices

Hi everyone!  I'm back this week to talk about makeup... honestly the seventh wonder of the world if you ask me. Specifically, I'd like to talk about foundation. This is the one makeup staple that I could not live without. I'm someone who likes to try all different types of foundation instead of just sticking with one, … Continue reading My Top 5 Foundation Choices


There Are Far Better Things Ahead

Hello everybody! I'm back with another post. I'm sure most of you have heard of a bucket list or have even made one for yourself. If you haven't, a bucket list is essentially just a list a person makes of all the things that they hope to do in their lifetime. I'm excited to share … Continue reading There Are Far Better Things Ahead

A Relaxing Night for One

Some nights, all I want to do is stay in and get the much-needed chill time that I need. We all deserve a night devoted to ourselves to relax and relieve the continuously built-up stress in our lives. I love these nights so much that I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to them! Keep reading … Continue reading A Relaxing Night for One