Weekend in Amsterdam

Hi Everybody! Last weekend a few friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Amsterdam. This was one of the places on my list I really wanted to visit while I was in Europe, so I was really looking forward to this. I can definitely say it lived up to all my expectations … Continue reading Weekend in Amsterdam


Valentines Day Chat

  Happy Valentines Day!               This post was something I hadn't planned on doing, but thought of it at the last second and realized it was something I would love to talk about. Valentines Day tends to give some people a bad taste in their mouth. It is known … Continue reading Valentines Day Chat

TWO WEEKS IN DUBLIN: Update and First Impressions

Hi Everyone! If you don't follow me on other social networks you may not be aware that I have changed locations for a little while. For the next four months I'll be studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. I am so excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to see what living in a different country … Continue reading TWO WEEKS IN DUBLIN: Update and First Impressions