Summer Style Without Breaking The Bank

Happy Summer Everyone!

My favorite season is here and I could not be more excited to bring out my summer style. However, if you’re a reoccurring reader of Delightful Days you know that I just returned from a 4 month long trip to Europe (read up on my travel posts here). Meaning, I have taken broke college student to a whole new level.  As my mom would say,“We’re not the Rockefeller’s!” But this does not mean I don’t want to look my best or take advantage of the new summer trends.

Photography by Andriana Akrap @andrianakrap


Guys…It is possible, dare I say easy, to find a super cute, trendy, outfit for a reasonable price! This outfit (besides jewelry) cost me less than $70!


I have been seeing this cropped, flare leg denim for a while now and I am in LOVE with it. Don’t get me wrong I love a good skinny jean, but these pants offer a whole new level of comfort and happen to fit my body shape really well. These jeans are Gap but were from Marshall’s for a whopping $12. What a steal. I cut a few inches off the bottom and washed them to create the frayed look.


When I saw this top I had to have it. I’m not sure how the cactus has become so trendy lately (seriously people it’s a plant) but I love it. Not only are the graphics adorable but the tie back is what really makes it. This was another steal from Marshall’s for only $10!

As far as accessories it’s clear I’m not afraid to mismatch my jewelry a little. Do yourself a favor and instead of constantly buying new jewelry, dig up some of your old stuff! You never know what you’ll find. If you’re anything like me you most likely have a habit of always wearing the same pieces and forgetting you own a million other things. This purse was a gift from TJ Maxx and the shoes were again from Marshall’s (I swear this isn’t a sponsored post) for $20.



Thank you all for stopping in! I hope you guys love this outfit as much as I do. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone this season and make an outfit your own!

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Have a Delightful Day,




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