Week 1 Back to School Series: My School Supply Haul!

Yo yo yo whats up everyone!

Back to school season is officially here! A few weeks ago I sat down and was brain storming for future blog posts when I realized many of them included the topic of back to school. Seeing this prompted me to do something exciting… a back to school series! This means for the rest of August I will be posting every Wednesday about something I think you guys would like to hear regarding back to school. I decided to start the series off with one of the first things you will need to cross of your list…school supplies.


This being my last year in college (sobs), I honestly didn’t need a lot of school supplies! After three years I think I’m pretty much set on pens and pencils, but every year I like to match my supplies to a color scheme or theme (I’m kind of OCD like that). This year was no exception. When I have supplies I really enjoy looking at, I’m much more likely to use it to my full organizational advantage and keep it less cluttered. Maybe thats just me but hey I do what works!


First up on my list were folders. I have always had an issue with folders. I decide that one folder is for one subject but then I forget the folder when I go to class so I use a different one and it always ends up that my folders have a mix of all my different subjects…UGH. I also hate when my paper gets bent or torn in a folder. This year I decided to try something different and use these filing folders from Target. I really like the design and thought that just maybe these could keep me a little more organized and keep the paper from bending.


Next up, a notebook. I stuck with the white theme from the folders and picked out this 5-subject from Target. I’ve found a 5-subject is best for me because I can keep it with me at all times and use a different section for each class. This way I’m not walking around hoping I didn’t forget the right subject’s notebook. I don’t really look at brands too often with school supplies but I really like the Five Star notebooks. By the end of the semester they’re always still intact ,which is impressive considering how much I use them.


This desk calendar was definitely my favorite item of the bunch. I have a really nice planner that I use a lot so I was iffy on buying this calendar but lately I feel like I have so much going on that I really need to see my schedule right in front of me instead of having to open up my planner. Besides the real purpose of the calendar, I also think it may add a pretty aesthetic to my desk space. Again I stuck with the white and gold theme with the planner.


Pens                      Desk Organizer                  Backpack

I know this wasn’t really a lot for a “haul” so I have included some links to some really awesome school supplies above! However, my advice is to go to a few stores and just look around and see what you’re liking! Staying organized can make all the difference and keeping it pretty is important too. Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s Back to School Series post! Let me know in the comments what your favorite store is to stock up on school supplies!

Have a Delightful Day,




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