My Night Time Beauty Routine For Clear Skin

Instagram: @delightfuldaysblog My favorite part of the night definitely has to be unwinding and finally being able to put on my pajamas and take off my makeup. There's no better feeling than knowing that a long day is finally over and that chill time has finally arrived! My night time routine really depends on the … Continue reading My Night Time Beauty Routine For Clear Skin


What Happened When I Went One Week With NO SOCIAL MEDIA

Instagram:@delightfuldaysblog Woah. Did you see that title?! Crazy, right? Admittedly, I punked out around day 5, but honestly... I didn't think I would make it seven days anyway. I take a break from social media every now and again but I've never done it for as long as this. Surprisingly, the world didn't come crashing to a … Continue reading What Happened When I Went One Week With NO SOCIAL MEDIA

My 5 Favorite Moments of 2017

Instagram: @delightfuldaysblog Once again I am absolutely blown away by time and how incredibly fast it moves. I feel like it was just yesterday I was celebrating the brand spanking new year of 2017, but here I am saying, "goodbye, see yah never, adiós". 2017 is a year I'll never forget and to thank the year … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Moments of 2017

My Going Out Makeup Look

Instagram: @delightfuldaysblog Hey Everyone! It's the holiday season and there is SO MUCH GOING ON. Luckily, most of it, excluding the crazy shopping, is all fun stuff, which means there's lots of dressing up and seeing people you probably haven't seen in a a while. I absolutely love this because it gives me the opportunity … Continue reading My Going Out Makeup Look

The Truth About “Finding Yourself”

Instagram: @delightfuldaysblog Hellllooo Everybody Long time no see! I'm happy to be writing again on Delightful Days after being a little absent for a while. It's been a crazy semester and as time went on it seemed there was less and less time I could devote to Delightful Days. Teddy Coat and sweater: Forever 21 / … Continue reading The Truth About “Finding Yourself”