My Night Time Beauty Routine For Clear Skin

Instagram: @delightfuldaysblog My favorite part of the night definitely has to be unwinding and finally being able to put on my pajamas and take off my makeup. There's no better feeling than knowing that a long day is finally over and that chill time has finally arrived! My night time routine really depends on the … Continue reading My Night Time Beauty Routine For Clear Skin


My Going Out Makeup Look

Instagram: @delightfuldaysblog Hey Everyone! It's the holiday season and there is SO MUCH GOING ON. Luckily, most of it, excluding the crazy shopping, is all fun stuff, which means there's lots of dressing up and seeing people you probably haven't seen in a a while. I absolutely love this because it gives me the opportunity … Continue reading My Going Out Makeup Look

Beauty Haul and Quick Review

Bonjour, Hola, Guten Tag, HEY! I hope you're all doing great. Last time I chatted here it was 2016. This is my first post of the new year and what a better way than to start with a beauty haul? My friends and family hate to see my beauty collection running low because it means  I'll … Continue reading Beauty Haul and Quick Review