What Happened When I Went One Week With NO SOCIAL MEDIA

Instagram:@delightfuldaysblog Woah. Did you see that title?! Crazy, right? Admittedly, I punked out around day 5, but honestly... I didn't think I would make it seven days anyway. I take a break from social media every now and again but I've never done it for as long as this. Surprisingly, the world didn't come crashing to a … Continue reading What Happened When I Went One Week With NO SOCIAL MEDIA


My 5 Favorite Moments of 2017

Instagram: @delightfuldaysblog Once again I am absolutely blown away by time and how incredibly fast it moves. I feel like it was just yesterday I was celebrating the brand spanking new year of 2017, but here I am saying, "goodbye, see yah never, adiós". 2017 is a year I'll never forget and to thank the year … Continue reading My 5 Favorite Moments of 2017

The Truth About “Finding Yourself”

Instagram: @delightfuldaysblog Hellllooo Everybody Long time no see! I'm happy to be writing again on Delightful Days after being a little absent for a while. It's been a crazy semester and as time went on it seemed there was less and less time I could devote to Delightful Days. Teddy Coat and sweater: Forever 21 / … Continue reading The Truth About “Finding Yourself”

Ivory Ella Giveaway!

Happy November Everyone! I'm so excited because there's less than three days until Thanksgiving! I love this yummy holiday because unlike Christmas, there's no stress of getting the perfect gifts, sending Christmas cards, and everything else that comes with the season. Don't get me wrong, I really do love Christmas, but I think the true … Continue reading Ivory Ella Giveaway!

What Comes After Graduation?

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to do something a little different and have one of my very good friends Alicia (aka Stylishly Good Vibes) do a guest post for you all. She was one of the first people to inspire me to create Delightful-Days and she has helped me tremendously on this blogging journey of mine. I … Continue reading What Comes After Graduation?