Black Friday Lookbook

November is here which means...turkey! Along with turkey, we remember how thankful we are for every thing and every one we have in our lives. Then, we shop on the most anticipated, Black Friday, and find as many sales as incredibly possible. Sounds like a perfect holiday if you ask me. I'm not a crazy … Continue reading Black Friday Lookbook


6 Reasons Everyone Should Consider Moving Away For College

  College…One of my favorite topics actually. I am now in my third year at Ohio University and could not love it more. It has turned into my second home and I am incredibly appreciative for all the experiences that I’ve had here. I consider college as a sort of limbo between childhood and the real world…you … Continue reading 6 Reasons Everyone Should Consider Moving Away For College

All About Ivory Ella (GIVEAWAY!)

Welcome back to Delightful Days!  Today, I want to talk about the amazing company, Ivory Ella. They're known for their trendy tees and accessories. Not only do they have cute attire, but they also give back. Ten percent of all proceeds go to the Save the Elephants Fund and occasionally other charitable organizations. All of their … Continue reading All About Ivory Ella (GIVEAWAY!)